saproma is a strategy consulting firm combining more than 20 years of management experience in market access, marketing and sales of prescription medicines with more than 30 years of pan-European consulting experience in the healthcare sector.

saproma understands healthcare as an indispensable offer of highly developed societies. Its maintenance and development is the responsibility of all professionals in the healthcare sector. saproma supports these stakeholders in presenting and increasing their value contribution to healthcare, and in ensuring an appropriate value share.

Special saproma® consulting products are proprietary developments, created and optimized in many years of project work, motivated by the changes in the healthcare policy framework with its serious effects on all stakeholders in the healthcare systems.

saproma addresses in particular all organizations and institutions in the healthcare sector that strive for the achievement, maintenance or expansion of a market-leading position in the medium or long term with competitive products and services.


The Team

For your project, put together purposefully


Joy, thou beauteous godly lightning, Daughter of Elysium,
Fire drunken we are ent’ring Heavenly, thy holy home!
If you read the first lines of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy”, your inner ear may hear Beethoven’s congenial setting. Every single connoisseur of the final chorus of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony will probably succeed in recalling this text and this music. But anchoring this final chorus in the memory as a listening pleasure requires the participation of many highly professional orchestra musicians, choir singers and soloists.

According to the project objective, we will therefore carefully put together a team of outstanding individuals whose competencies are necessary to achieve your objectives. These individuals have proven time and again that they are able to successfully complete complex projects with integrity, intelligence and energy in teamwork.

Most importantly, consulting is a service from person to person: You should have every reason to know that your important project is in good hands with saproma. This includes not only your confidence in our professional competence, but also your emotional certainty that it is your saproma team.

Petra Hipp PhD

Founder and Managing Director

S he likes to plan. Strategically and operationally. Complex market access projects. The optimal team composition for her clients.

She likes to analyse. Clinical studies to prepare the AMNOG process. Stakeholders and communication channels in healthcare. Product portfolios and product profiles. Development of turnover, sales and market share in the pharmaceutical market.

She likes to synthesize. Dossiers for benefit assessments. Marketing concepts or evidence-based training concepts for prescription medicines. Recommendations based on external evidence and own expertise. Biosynthesis and transport routes of compatible solutes such as ectoin and glycine betaine.

She likes to be in motion. In complex, demanding consulting projects. To scientific congresses all over the world. In a sales force for ethical pharmaceuticals. On study visits to Spain, Great Britain and Israel. Jogging in the woods. Standing in front of August Macke’s “Passage to Tunisia”. In new thoughts.

She likes to look ahead. To new challenges.

Wolfgang M. Hipp Prof PhD

Founder and Managing Director

H andball and piano playing have a lot in common. It’s all about craft: learning basic rules; acquiring and improving technical skills; training strength, coordination and endurance. And it’s all about playing: Analyzing a situation and deriving goals from it; gaining experience and learning from it; allowing inspiration, making decisions, developing passion. It is about grasping and understanding, about building bridges between manual and mental work.

For Wolfgang Hipp, this bridging was and is a leitmotif in all other areas as well: whether in church youth work, in microbiological basic research, in international marketing and sales of ethical pharmaceuticals or in value-oriented consulting.

For the father of two, what counts first and foremost are sustainable results, which often requires persistent pioneering work with the courage to innovate. Innovation never as an end in itself, but only then whenever the desired added value cannot be achieved through proven approaches – in the spirit of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799):

There is no guarantee that it will get better if it gets different; but if it is to get better, it must get different.

Competence Profile

Our experience, for your projects



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Pharmaceutical Companies


Medical Specialties


Therapeutic Indications

Project Examples
  • Market access consulting in all phases of the life cycle of prescription medicines
  • Marketing consulting for pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, patient organizations and service agencies
  • Daily care-oriented strategy consulting for pharmaceutical companies and service providers
  • Interim management in internationally operating pharmaceutical companies



Profit from our premium partners


We do what we can – no less, but above all no more. For projects that require skills other than our core competencies, we therefore rely on a network of external specialists.

We are pleased to recommend providers from different areas, whom we got to know and appreciate in joint project work, and who share our service mentality and premium standards.